Sixth International Symposium on
      Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon
        Blaubeuren/Tuebingen, Germany, 10 -- 14 July 1995


Gerhard J. Wagner, Chairman            Ralph Bilger, Scientific Secretary

Local Program Committee:               International Advisory Board:
Heinz Clement                          Jacques Arvieux (Saclay)
Amand Faessler                         Dieter Drechsel (Mainz)
Wolfgang Kluge (Karlsruhe)             Torleif Ericson (CERN)
Hugo Reinhardt                         Gerhard Hoehler (Karlsruhe)
                                       Mikhail Khankhasayev (Dubna)
                                       Bernhard M.K. Nefkens (UCLA)
                                       Robert A. Ristinen (Boulder)


                       First Announcement

This series of meetings started in 1983 with the emphasis on
pion-nucleon interactions. Since then it has grown into a symposium
with a broad scope that includes meson-nucleon and meson-meson
interactions, baryon resonances and the structure of the nucleon.
Recent developments in the field are reflected in the increasing
role of electro- and photoproduction of mesons in the programs of the
meetings in Bad Honnef 1991 and Boulder 1993. We plan to continue 
this trend with the present meeting. Its main topics are

- pi N scattering and phase-shift analysis 

- form factors and polarizabilities 
  of pion, nucleons, and baryon resonances

- models of  nucleons and mesons

- pi NN and eta NN coupling constants, pi pi and eta N scattering lengths

- electromagnetic and hadronic production of mesons

- dibaryon searches and structure

- surveys of meson spectroscopy and of nucleon structure functions

- new facilities, techniques and instruments.


Physikalisches Institut, Auf der Morgenstelle 14, D-72076 Tuebingen

Tel.: +49-7071-296304/296297, Fax: +49-7071-296296

Telex: 7262867 utna d,

Participation is by invitation only and is limited to 
80 physicists. There will be no parallel or poster sessions. 
In this way we can provide the setting for intense discussions, 
which made the previous meetings so successful. The manuscripts 
will be published in the pi N Newsletter, editors G. Hoehler et al. 

The symposium will be held at the ``Heinrich Fabri '' conference 
centre of the University of Tuebingen at Blaubeuren which 
provides full board  and lodging for 70 persons. It is located 
in easy walking distance from  the town of Blaubeuren with a 
number of hotels of various classes. 

Blaubeuren is a scenic medieval town in the hills of the 
Swabian Alb. It is famous for its well-preserved former 
monastery founded in 1085 by the counts of Tuebingen. 
In the vicinity many geologically and archaeologically 
interesting sites may be reached by pleasant hikes.

Blaubeuren is located about 20 km to the west of Ulm 
(Einstein's birthplace)  to which frequent train 
connections exist. Ulm is one of the few stops of the 
ICE trains which provide fast connections 
to Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt with their 
international airports. 

The conference fee will be DM 200,--, which includes  
coffee and refreshments,  a copy of the proceedings 
and a bus excursion to Tuebingen  with a buffet at 
the medieval castle ``Schloss Hohentuebingen''. 
The costs for full board and lodging for those 
participants staying at the conference centre range 
from DM 340,-- (single occupancy) to DM 215,-- 
(triple occupancy). Participants who want to bring 
a guest are asked to make hotel arrangements 
directly with a hotel of their choice or through 
the local tourist  office (phone ++ 49-7344-1378, 
Fax ++ 49-7344-1336). 


                   Sixth International Symposium on
        Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon
          Blaubeuren/Tuebingen, Germany, 10 -- 14 July 1995









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