ON NUCLEAR PHYSICS

	            BORMIO (ITALY), 1995
                     January 23th - 28th

held  January 1995, 23th-28th, in Bormio, a mountain village in the Alpes
 200 km from Milano and 24 km from Tirano.

  The following arguments will be the main subject of the Meeting,
  both from the experimental and theoretical point of view :

- Exotic nuclei and very Heavy Elements
- Heavy Ion Nuclear Reactions in particular at Relativistic and
  Ultra Relativistic Energies.
- Properties of highly excited nuclei
- Particle production

  Extended contributions will be presented in the morning session while
the evening session will be dedicated to shorter seminars.
  A limited number of contributions will be selected for oral presentation,
Application form
  If you are interested in attending the Meeting please return the enclosed
application form before November 30th,1994. Applications  can also be sent
through e-mail or fax.

Registration fee
  A registration fee of Lit. 150.000 is requested, to be paid during 
the Meeting.

  The proceedings of the Meeting will be published within a few months.
We ask to submit the contributed papers DURING the Meeting.
  All papers, whether orally presented or not, will be published in the
proceedings. The use of A4 paper is recommended. The text must be clearly
type-written, with about 3 cm of margin. Please note that the final
format will be 80% of the original.

  The conference room will be located at the Hotel Baita dei Pini.
  The Hotels Larice Bianco and Baita dei Pini  will be reserved to the 
 Full board fare is 710000 Lit.( from January 22th dinner to the lunch of the 
following Sunday, wine included). Half board fare for the same period 
is 610000 Lit.The per-day full baord is 130000 Lit. (115000 Lit. half board).
  As far as possible, rooms will be reserved according to your application
form. If, for any reason, you must cancel your hotel reservation, please
let us know no later than the end of December 1994.

How to reach Bormio
  From Milano airports ( Linate or Malpensa ) direct public buses to the Central
Railway station (Milano Centrale) are available. The ticket counters are near
the exits of the airports.
The best trains to Sondrio-Tirano leave Milano Centrale at: 8.00,9.00,
12.05,14.05,16.05,18.03,19.05. The scheduled arrival times in Tirano are:
10.20,11.44,14.42,16.46,18.30,20.45,21.40. From Tirano to Bormio you will
find public buses just at the exit of the railway station.

  A charter bus to Bormio, leaving Tirano aroun 5.15 p.m. will be organized
on Sunday, January 22th, in connections with trains from Milano and
S. Moritz. The bus will be at the exit of the station.

In case of problems during your trip, you may call
 Hotel Larice Bianco (0342 904693)
 Hotel Baita dei Pini ( 0342 904346 )

for further info apply to:
Ileana Iori tel. (area code 02) 2392 253
Secretary                            248

telex  334687 infn mi
telefax  02 2392487 
decnet  vaxmi::bormio

XXXIII Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
Dipartimento di Fisica
Via Celoria 16
20133 MILANO