1st Latin-American Workshop on 

                      ON AND OFF BEAM  GAMMA  SPECTROSCOPY
                      AND   PRE - EQUILIBRIUM    PROCESSES

                             CARACAS - VENEZUELA 
                            4 - 8 September, 1995

                          F I R S T   C I R C U L A R 

           The Organizing Committee is inviting interested persons to
               participating in the 1st Latin-American Workhop.

1.- About the Workshop
    Scope. The workshop will be devoted to review the present knowledge and
           perspective in the study of topics related to gamma spectroscopy
           techniques for on and off beam measurements with low and medium 
           energy beams. 
           General topics of the program will be the understanding of the 
           reaction phenomenology concerning the experimental research of 
           incomplete fusion and complete fusion, pre-equilibrium processes 
           and their connection with theoretical expectation.
           The workshop will consist tentatively of ten plenary lectures 
           surveying the present status and future trends including proposals
           for future experiments. The partecipants are encouraged to submit
           contributions and to present their own results or ideas even if 
            they are in a preliminary stage.
2.- Venue. The workshop will be held on the University Campus and will last 
           from 9:00 a.m. on Monday 4th September till 12:30 Friday 8th
           September 1995 
3.- Scientific organization
           The preliminary list of participants and invited speakers will be 
           included in the next circular, however a few speakers who have
           already agreed to partecipating are listed below.
           The alloted time for the invited talks will be about 45 minutes 
           and that for the contributions about twenty minutes. 
           Details of the preliminary program will be posted later.
4.- Proceedings
           The workshop proceedings will be published by the University Simon 
           Bolivar. To speed up the proceedings publications all speakers are 
           warmly invited to submit their camera ready manuscript of no more 
           than 20 pages. The manuscript must be prepared in a form suitable 
           for photoreproduction in A4 sheets (29.8 cm x 21.1 cm).
5.- Registration
           A registration fee of 350 U.S.$, (including luches at the 
           University campus, transport, social events and the publication
           of the proceedings) is set for participants and should be paid at 
           the reception desk on the workshop site in the morning of September 
           4th from 9:00 a.m.	     
6.- Accommodation 
           Participants are kindly requested  to contact the scientific 
           secretary Mr. Jacinto Liendo directly or by E-Mail or Fax. 
7.- How to reach the Workshop site
           Participants will be received by a representative of the University 
          on their arrival at the International Airport Simon Bolivar. 
           Please, do not leave the Airport without contacting this person.

                         Workshop Organization

                          Organizing Committe 

L. Sajo Bohus  (Universidad Simon Bolivar) Chairman.
E. Gadioli     (Universita' degli Studi di Milano and Istituto Nazionale di 
                Fisica Nucleare)
P.E. Hodgson   (University of Oxford)
J. Liendo      (Universidad Simon Bolivar and IVIC) Scientific Secretary

Workshop Addres: Mr. J. Liendo, Laboratorio de Fisica Nuclear, Universidad
                 Simon Bolivar, apartado 89000 Caracas YV-1080 A Venezuela.
                 Fax: ++58-2-9633230 and 9634102.
                 Phone: ++58-2-9063590.
                 E-Mail: LSajo@fis.usb.ve.    


                        Universidad Simon Bolivar.
                The National Council for Research CONICIT.

                       Preliminary list of speakers

  Franco Camera (University of Milano)
      Continuous high energy gamma rays from hot rotating nuclei.
  Mark Chadwick (Lawrence Livermore National laboratory)                
      Gamma emission from multistep reactions.
      Medical and industrial applications of pre-equilibrium reactions.
  Peter E. Hodgson (University of Oxford)
      Pre-equilibrium reactions.
     Alpha-particle spectroscopy.                    
  Ettore Gadioli (University of Milano)
       Off beam gamma ray activation studies of heavy ion reactions.
      Thermalization of highly excited nuclei.
  Carlos Rossi Alvarez (National Laboratory of Legnaro)
      In beam gamma ray spectroscopy.
  Giuseppe Viesti (University of Padova)
      Dynamical effects in fusion-evaporation reactions al low excitation