International Symposium on EXOTIC ATOMS AND NUCLEI

-- in honor of Professor T. Yamazaki's 60'th birthday --
June 7-10, 1995, Hakone, Japan

Organizing Committee

	INS  Tokyo
	Y. Akaishi & R. S. Hayano (Secretary)
	S. Homma & M. Ishihara
	T. Nomura (Chairman)  &  K. Nagamine(co-Chairman)
	S. Yamada  K. Yazaki

First Circular

  An International Symposium on Exotic Atoms and Nuclei will
be  held from 7 to 10 June 1995 in Hakone, Japan.  This
symposium  is held in honor of 60th birthday of Professor
Toshimitsu Yamazaki,  the director of Institute for Nuclear
Study, University of Tokyo.  The conference will be held at
Fujiya hotel, an exotic resort hotel located in the heart of
scenic Fuji-Hakone National Park. All the conferees will be
housed in Fujiya hotel, so as to stimulate lively informal
discussions throughout the symposium. 

  The symposium will start on Wednesday afternoon and finish
at Saturday lunch.  Hakone is a two-hour bus / train ride
west of Tokyo. 
  Transportation to the conference site from downtown Tokyo 
will be arranged on Wednesday morning. 

  The symposium will consist mainly of plenary presentations
of invited talks. The topics to be discussed will include: 

	Muonic atoms and molecules
	Hadronic atoms and anti-hydrogen
	High-spin states of atoms and nuclei

   The official language of the conference will be English,
and a symposium proceedings will be published. For your
information, an international conference on Weak
Interactions in Nuclei (WEIN 95) will be organized by
Professor H. Ejiri in Osaka on the following week, from 12
to 16 June 1995.  For those who attending WEIN '95, travel
arrangement from Hakone to Osaka / Kyoto area after the
symposium will be made upon request. If you are interested
in receiving the second circular of the symposium, please
fill out the attached form and return it to the conference
secretary BEFORE MAY 31, 1994.