Key West Winter Workshop Announcement:
     (from Alice Mignerey,

     Eleventh Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics
     February 11 - 18, 1995     Key West, Florida

     The Eleventh Winter  Workshop on Nuclear  Dynamics will be held in Key
     West, Florida from  February 11- 18, 1995.   As in past workshops, the
     topic of discussion will center around all aspects of nulear dynamics,
     from energies near the Coulomb  barrier to ultrarelativistic energies.
     Theorists and experimentalists are    encouraged to come  share  their
     latest results and ideas.

     If you  are interested in  participating,  please obtain and  return a
     registration form by November 15,  1994.  Please pass this information
     on to your colleagues who may wish to join us.

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                      Professor of Chemistry
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