XVIII Nuclear Physics Symposium at Oaxtepec

                Oaxtepec, Mexico, Jan. 4-7, 1995.
IFUNAM, A.P. 20-364, Mexico D.F. 01000, Mexico.
Phone: (525) 622 5027, FAX: (525) 616 1535
e-mail: belmont@ifunam.ifisicacu.unam.mx

                Drs. K. Michaelian, E.Belmont, J. Suro
                Instituto de Fisica,
                Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
                A.P. 20-364
                Mexico D. F., C.P. 01000

                                 Mexico City, October 20th, 1994.

   The  Local Organizing Committee of the "XVIII Nuclear  Physics
Symposium" to be held at Oaxtepec (Morelos, Mexico), from January
4 to 7, 1995, has prepared a preliminary program of the scheduled
talks  and  relevant information for participants  attending  the
   Enclosed  in  this  letter, you will  find  a  form  where  we
request   some   information  that  we  need  for  administrative
purposes.  Please fill up the enclosed form and  send  it  to  us
   We  look  forward to seeing you at Oaxtepec  and  wish  you  a
happy and safe trip.
   For the Local Organizing Committee.
                            Juan Suro

           XVIII Nuclear Physics Symposium at Oaxtepec

                Oaxtepec, Mexico, Jan. 4-7, 1995.
IFUNAM, A.P. 20-364, Mexico D.F. 01000, Mexico.
Phone: (525) 622 5027, FAX: (525) 616 1535
e-mail: belmont@ifunam.ifisicacu.unam.mx

                         Second Bulletin
   This  is  the second and last communication before the  "XVIII
Nuclear  Physics  Symposium" at Oaxtepec, the eighteenth  in  the
series  of  annual  meetings devoted to recent  experimental  and
theoretical  developments in Nuclear Physics. The Symposium  will
be  held  at  the  Oaxtepec  Conference  Center  in  the  "Centro
Vacacional  de  Oaxtepec"  (Oaxtepec  Holiday  Resort),  Morelos,
Mexico.  The Symposium will start on Wednesday the 4th of January
at 16:20 and will end on Saturday the 7th at 13:20.
   In  case  you  have  to  contact us, the  most  efficient  way
(before  the  start  of Christmas holidays,  15  Dec.)  would  be
through e-mail to one of the chairmen of the symposium;
   During the holidays' period we may be at home or at our
offices, the phone numbers where you may reach us appear below;
                   K. Michaelian  (525)663-3665 or 622-5069
                   J. Suro        (525)590-5240 or 622-5069
                   E. Belmont     (525)669-3354 or 622-5056
   And, once the symposium starts,
            Hotel Tepozteco (IMSS) at Oaxtepec  (735)2-1086.
                        Arrival in Mexico
   At  your  arrival,  locate one of the  official  airport  taxi
booths and buy the ticket that corresponds to your destination in
the  city  (rates  vary  according  to  distance).  Identify  the
official  taxis by an black airplane logo on the yellow doors  of
the  taxis  located outside the airport doors. Do not accept  any
other offer for a taxi ride.
   You  may  change your money at one of the banks or  "casas  de
cambio"  inside  the airport. The approximate  exchange  rate  is
about N$3.30 new pesos per $1 US dollar. Changing money at hotels
normally leaves you with less.
   During  the  Symposium, accommodation will  be  in  the  Hotel
Tepozteco  within the "Centro Vacacional de Oaxtepec",  about  60
miles  south  from Mexico City. In Mexico City we  have  arranged
with  the  Hotel  Ambassador,  Humboldt  38,  Mexico  City  (Tel.
(525)518-0110), special rates for the days before and  after  the
Symposium.  This  rather non-presumptuous hotel  is  conveniently
located near the Palace of Fine Arts (a theater/concert hall) and
the "Alameda" (a park) in the downtown area. It is also located a
few  blocks  from two Metro stations (subway). The rate  of  this
Hotel  is  approximately N$174.00 (new pesos, tax  included)  per
night  for  either  a  single  or  double  room.  If  we  do  the
reservations for you they will apply a 30% discount at the moment
of  paying. Please let us know if you would like us to reserve  a
room for your stay in the city; use the enclosed form.
      Travel to and from the Centro Vacacional de Oaxtepec
   The  symposium starts on Wednesday, January the 4th at  16:20.
A  bus will leave the Ambassador Hotel at 12:00 and will stop  at
the  Insurgentes  Sur  entrance of the well known  Sanborn's  San
Angel  restaurant in the southern part of the city (at the corner
of  Av. Insurgentes and Av. de la Paz). It will leave from  there
at  13:00 and shortly after that it will stop at the parking  lot
of the Instituto de Fisica UNAM (in "Ciudad Universitaria"). From
there  the bus will go directly to Oaxtepec. Lunch has  not  been
arranged in Oaxtepec for this day, so eat before taking the  bus.
Please be aware that lunch service in Sanborn's is very slow.
   If  you  miss the bus you can get to Oaxtepec by cab. In  this
case  you  have to arrange the price first, e.g. with an official
cab  from  the airport it will cost about N$320.00 new pesos.  We
suggest  that  you  make  arrangements  with  someone  fluent  in
Spanish.  The  symposium  will end on Saturday  at  13:20.  After
having  lunch  at Oaxtepec, at 16:00 hours a bus  will  take  the
participants back to downtown Mexico City (Ambassador Hotel).
   Those  participants arriving from another country are reminded
to  book  their flight early to avoid problems due to  the  large
volume  of  visitors that fly into and out of Mexico  during  the
Christmas season.
   The  registration  fee for the Symposium is US$400.00  or  the
equivalent   in   Mexican  new  pesos.  This   fee   covers   the
transportation  to  and  from the conference  site  (from  Mexico
City), the cost of 3 nights hotel room (double occupancy) and all
meals  at  Oaxtepec  for  the duration  of  the  Symposium.  Each
Symposium  registrant will receive one copy of  the  Proceedings.
Payment  must  be  in  cash or travelers  checks  and  should  be
delivered  upon  arrival  at  the  conference  site.  As  it  was
indicated  before,  there  are some rooms  available  for  single
occupancy  or  accommodation of companion in  the  same  room  as
attendee;  use  the  enclosed form  for  telling  us  about  your
   The  general themes of this year's Symposium will  be  Nuclear
and  Subnuclear  Structure, Heavy Ions  and  aspects  of  Nuclear
Astrophysics. We expect an attendance of about 50 scientists.
   The  format of this four day symposium will consist of morning
and  afternoon 40 minute-talk sessions and a poster session.  The
conference language will be English. Sessions will be  held  each
morning from 9:00 to 12:40 and each afternoon from 16:00 to 19:40
with  four invited speakers per session. The poster session  will
be on Thursday morning from 12:45 to 14:00. A preliminary program
is included with this bulletin.
                         Poster Session
   Posters  should  be set up on Wednesday for informal  viewing.
The  poster  session will be on Thursday morning  from  12:45  to
14:00. Authors are requested to be available for discussion  with
viewers that morning.
   The  posters must fit within an area of 120 cm high by 100  cm
wide. Posters can be attached to the display board with push pins
or  scotch  tape  which  will  be supplied  at  Oaxtepec.  Poster
material is expected to be readable from a distance of 1-2 m.  It
would  be  useful  to bring extra copies of an extended  summary,
preprints, or reprints for distribution at the poster session.
   The  Proceedings  will be published as  a  Supplement  of  the
Revista Mexicana de Fisica. All contributions presented orally or
in  the poster session will be considered for publication in  the
Proceedings  after  going through the normal refereeing  process.
Papers  presented orally or at the poster session will be allowed
a maximum of 7 pages including title, tables and figures (count 3
per  page). This corresponds to roughly 14 pages of doubly spaced
OF THE SYMPOSIUM (see detailed instructions below).
                    Instructions for Authors
   Articles  must include the title and abstract in  English  and
Spanish  (the local organizing committee could help you with  the
translation).  Manuscripts must be typed or printed  with  double
spacing, wide margins, on one side only of letter size paper. The
format  should  be the following: Title of the article,  authors'
name,  place  of  work and address of each one  of  the  authors,
abstract,  from  one to three PACS numbers, the  text  should  be
organized in numbered sections with subtitles and references. For
the  latter, the following order is suggested: complete  name  of
the  authors,  name  of  the  journal (abbreviated  according  to
international  conventions) or title of the  publication,  volume
number  (underlined),  year (enclosed in parentheses),  and  page
number.  For  books  include edition and  place  of  publication.
References and notes in the text should be numbered serially.
   Originals  of  illustrations should be brought, preferably  of
1/2  letter  page size, numbered in pencil at the margin.  Graphs
and  drawings must be either in black Indian ink, or produced  by
plotters  or laser printers, with tracing lines with at most  0.7
mm thick, on high quality paper. Photographs must be in black and
white,  printed  on paper with high resolution.  Figure  captions
should  be  listed  serially on a separate sheet.  Tables  go  on
separate  sheets with their captions. The title of the paper  and
the  corresponding  page  number are  required  on  each  of  the
additional  sheets. The authors' name should only appear  on  the
title page.
   Three  copies  of the complete manuscript, including  figures,
should   be  brought.  Please  also  bring  a  version  of   your
contribution  on  formatted MS-DOS diskette  (written  in  LATEX,
PLAIN   TEX  or  ASCII).  For  the  case  of  computer  generated
illustrations  in  common format (PCX, TIF)  please  include  the
respective files.

                  Centro Vacacional de Oaxtepec

   The  Oaxtepec  Holiday Resort is noted for the beauty  of  its
natural  setting  in  a semitropical valley  (1600  m  above  sea
level). It offers the opportunity for a very relaxed and informal
living  during the Symposium. In January, the weather is dry  and
mild with temperatures ranging from 12 C in the morning to 22 C
in  the  afternoon. A little more informal clothing  than  normal
will  be  an advantage. Sports clothing and a swimming suit  will
also  be  very useful. We are planning an excursion  involving  a
roughly two hour climb up a neighboring cliff to reach an ancient
pyramid. Thus, a good pair of walking shoes will be required  for
those  brave enough (no other special equipment needed).  Do  not
forget  a  sweater for the usually cool January mornings  in  the
   We look forward to seeing you at Oaxtepec and wish you a
happy and safe trip.


electronic mail address_______________________

Arrival to Mexico City 


At Mexico City please indicate which accomodation you prefer,

    At Hotel Ambassador, Humboldt # 38, centro.
     [ ] single    [ ] double room, from (date)________________

     until the 4rd of january, and from the 7th until__________

At Oaxtepec please indicate whic accomodation you prefer,

     [ ] Double occupancy			(Total fees* US$ 400.00)

     [ ] Single occupaqncy (if available)	(Total fees* US$ 500.00)

	Please indicate if you need accommodation for companion,

     [ ] Companion (in the same room as attendee) (Total fees* US$ 200.00)

				How many(if more than one)___________

           XVIII Nuclear Physics Symposium at Oaxtepec

                Oaxtepec, Mexico, Jan. 4-7, 1995.
IFUNAM, A.P. 20-364, Mexico D.F. 01000, Mexico.
Phone: (525) 622 5027, FAX: (525) 616 1535
e-mail: belmont@ifunam.ifisicacu.unam.mx

                 Preliminary Scientific Program

                                        Wednesday January the 4th

16:20 Welcome Address

                     Chairperson: M.E. Ortiz

16:30 W. Nazarewicz            		"Physics of Drip-line Nuclei"
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

17:20 M. Gai                        	"Nuclear Astrophysics
					 with Secondary
      U. of Connecticut.                 (Radioactive) Beams"

18:10 Coffee Break

18:30 G. Herrera                    	"To be announced"
      CINVESTAV, I.P.N./

19:20 H. Feshbach                   	"Symmetry Breaking and
      Massachusetts                  	 Scattering"
      Institute of Technology.

20:00 Welcome Barbecue   

                                         Thursday January the 5th

8:00 Breakfast       

                      Chairperson: P. Hess

9:00 M. Moshinsky                  	"Variational Procedure for
					 Resonance States"
     Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.

9:50 Y. Alexandrov                	"Neutron Mean Square Intrinsic
					 Charge Radius,
     Frank Laboratory of                 Neutron Electric
     Neutron Physics, Dubna.

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 A. Mondragon                  	"Physical Aspects of the
					 Degeneracy of
      Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.         Resonances"

11:50 V. G. Neudatchin              	"Recent Progress in
					 Understanding the Cluster
      Moscow State                       Properties of Light Nuclei
					 and the Quark Cluster
      University.                        Properties of NN-System"

12:45 Poster Session

14:00 Lunch         

                    Chairperson: O. Castanos

16:00 R. Bijker                		"Nucleon Form Factors in a
					 Collective Model
      U. Utrecht / Instituto             of Baryon"
      de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM.

16:50 T. Udagawa                    	"Coherent Pion Production
					 in Charge-Exchange
      University of Texas                Reactions at Intermediate
      at Austin.

17:40 Coffee Break

18:00 Y. F. Smirnov                 	"Some Features of
					 Superdeformed Nuclear States"
      Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.

18:50 J. Hirsch                		"Beta-Beta Decay in Heavy
      CINVESTAV, I.P.N.                  Nuclei; What Have We

20:00 Dinner         

                                          Friday January the 6th

8:00 Breakfast        

                     Chairperson E. Belmont

9:00 A. Menchaca-Rocha             	"To be announced"
     Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.

9:50 C. Dorso                 		"Cluster Formation in Nuclear
     U. de Buenos Aires.

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 W. Bauer            		"Two-Particle Interferometry
				 	 and the Space-Time
      Michigan State                 Structure of Heavy Ion Collisions"

11:50 W. Scheid                		"New Aspects on the 12C + 12C
      Justus-Liebig Universitat,

12:40 Visit to "Convento de Tepozotlan / Piramide del Tepozteco"*

14:00 Lunch*         

                   Chairperson: K. Michaelian

18:00 J. Suro                       	"IMF's Produced in the
					 79Br + 27Al Reaction at
      Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.          12 MeV/A"

* Bag lunch can be provided for those who wish to visit "Convento
de  Tepoztlan/Piramide  del Tepozteco",  regular  lunch  will  be
served at the Hotel's Restaurant for those who choose to stay  at
the resort.

18:50 X. Campi                 		"Critical Behavior in Nuclear
      Institut de Physique Nuclaire,

20:00 Dinner         

                                        Saturday January the 7th

8:00 Breakfast        

                  Chairperson: E. Chavez-Lomeli

9:00 M. E. Brandan                 	"Sensitivity of Low Energy
					 Heavy-Ion Elastic
     Instituto de Fisica, UNAM.          Scattering to the
					 Nuclear Potential"

9:50 J. Randrup                    	"Nuclear Boltzmann-Langevin
					 Theory: Stochastic
     Lawrence Berkeley              	 One-Body Dynamics"

10:40 Coffee break

11:00 J. Maruhn                		"Fission and Exotic Nuclei in
					 the Mean-Field
      U. Frankfurt.                  	 Approach"

11:50 G. Wozniak                    	"Time-scales, Branching
					 Ratios, and the Mass
      Lawrence Berkeley               	 dependence of Barriers and
					 Time-constants in
      Laboratory.                    	 Multifragmentation"

12:40 Summary Talk

14:00                       Lunch