AUGUST 21-26, 1995

                              BEIJING,  CHINA

                              SECOND CIRCULAR

                              CALL FOR PAPERS

                               Organized by

                       China Institute of Atomic Energy

Important Notice !!!

  The deadline for Abstracts of Invited Talks and Contributions has been
changed from December 1, 1994 to December 31, 1994.  The Abstracts should
 be sent to the INPC'95 Secretariat by December 31, 1994.

The  International  Nuclear  Physics  Conference  (INPC'95)  will be held in
Beijing,  People's  Republic of  China, on August 21-26, 1995.  Beijing, the
capital city of China, is famous for her cultural heritage. The world wonder,
the Great Wall zigzags her northen mountains. The magnificent Forbiden City,
Royal Gardens, etc. reminisce her past glory. Beijing is also a modern city as
the cultural and scientific center. Over 50 airlines link the city to the major
cities all over the world.

The host organization of the INPC'95 is China Institute of Atomic Energy,
Beijing China. The Conference is sponsored by China National Nuclear
Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Nuclear Physics Society,
Chinese Nuclear Society, Chinese Physical Society, International Center of
Theoretical Physics, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP),
National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The Conference will be held at Beijing International Convention Center, 20 km
from the Beijing Airport and 9 km from the Tiananmen Square.Its address is:
	Beijing International Convention Center
	8 Bei Chen Dong St. North Sihuan Road, Andingmen Wai,
	Chaoyang District,  	Beijing 100101, China
	Tel: +86-1-4922322, 4922344, 4993568
	Fax: +86-1-4910256, Telex:  222762 CBICC CN

The Conference will maintain the general spirit  and intention of this
conference series.  The scientific subjects discussed at the Conference  will
cover all areas of nuclear physics research with special emphasis on new
direction and new  opportunities.The Conference will consist of plenary
sessions, parallel sessions and poster sessions in series. There will be
invited talks in the plenary and parallel sessions. Selected oral
contributions will be presented in parallel sessions.  The majority of the
contributions will be presented and discussed in poster sessions.

The Scientific Program will be structured according to the following

	1)   Relativistic Nuclear Collision
	2)   Mesons and Baryons in Nuclei
	3)   Hadron Structure and Quarks in Nuclei
	4)   Formation and Properties of Hot Nuclei
	5)   Nuclear Reactions at Low and Intermediate Energies
	6)   Nuclear Structure
	7)   Radioactive Nuclear Beams
	8)   Nuclear Astrophysics
	9)   Fundamental Interaction and Symmetries
	10)  Experimental Technique and New Facilities
	11)  Applied Nuclear Physics

The preliminary invited speakers and titles are listed below:

J. Aichelin(Nantes):How and Why Do Nuclei fragment ?
M. Arnould(Bruxelles): From the Nuclear Microcosm to the Astrophysics
P. Braun-Munzinger(Stony Brook):  Au + Au Collisions from AGS
G. Brown(Stony Brook):  Supernova Explosions, Black Holes and Nucleon
R. Casten(Upton): Systematics of Low-Lying States**
J. Deutsch(Louvain-La-Neuve):  Nuclear Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
H. Ejiri(Osaka):  Dark Matters and Neutrinos studied by Nuclear Interactions
A. Faessler(Tuebingen):  Can One Determine the State of Equation of Nuclear
   Matter from Heavy-Ion Reactions
J. Galin(Caen): The Excitation of Hot Nuclei**
J. Garret(Oak Ridge):  An Overview of Radioactive Nuclear Beams and
   Progress with HRIBF at ORNL
C. Gelbke(East Lansing): Fast Multifragment Disintegration of Expanding
   Nuclear Systems
W. Greiner(Frankfurt): The fascinating New Physics In Relativistic Heavy
E. Gross(Darmstadt):  Meson Production from Nuclear Collisions &
   Compressed Hadronic Matter
H. Grunder(Newport News):  CEBAF and Its Research Program
H. Gutbrod(Darmstadt):  Heavy Ions in the LHC and the ALICE Detector
M. Gyulassy(New York):  Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collision**
T. Kirsten(Heidelberg):  Solar Neutrinos and the Gallex Experiment**
Che Ming Ko(Texas):  Hot Nuclei
S. Koonin(Pasadena): Monte Carlo Methods for Nuclear Structure
R. Jaffe(Cambridge):  Strangeness in Nuclei **
I.Y. Lee(Berkeley):  Nuclear Structure at High Spin Studied with
Y. Luo(Lanzhou):  Synthesis of New Nuclides in China
B. Milton(Vancouver):  A New Generation of Medical Cyclotrons for the 90's
L. Morreto(Berkeley):  Evidence for Statistical Sequential Multifragmentation
   from  Multiplicity Branching Rations
J. Moss(Los Alamos):  Probing Nuclei with High Energy Hadronic Reactions
W. Nazarewicz(Warsaw):  Extreme Deformation at High Spin
N. Nikolaev(Moscow):  Colour Transparency
Yang Pang(Upton):  Parton Cascade Model**
P. Paul(Stony Brook):  Properties of Giant Resonance in Hot Nuclei
M. Rho(Saclay):  The Changes in Properties of Hadrons in Nuclei and Nuclear
E. Roeckl(Darmstadt):  Very Proton Rich Nuclei of Nuclear Physics and
   Astrophysical Interest
J. Schapira(Orsay):Nuclear Waste Problems, Possibility of 'Burning' using
   Accelerators or Reactor or Mixed Systems
J. Sharpey-Schafer(Liverpool):  Nuclear Spectroscopy with EUROGAM-2
I. Sick(Basel):  The Spin Structure of the Nucleon
C. Signorini(Padova):  Heavy Ion Reactions around Coulomb Barrier
R. Stock(Frankfurt):  Results of First Pb Beams at CERN**
I. Tanihata(Saitama):  The New Results of RIKEN Radiactive Nuclear
W. Trautman(Darmstadt):  Multifragmentation Studies with ALADIN
T. Walcher(Mainz):  The Experimental Results of MAMI**
Y. Xia(Nanjing):  Maussbaur Spectroscopy
K. Yazaki(Tokyo):  Quark Model Description of Baryon-Baryon Interaction
G. Young(Oak Ridge):  The RHIC Project and Experimental Programs
(** to be confirmed)

A preliminary schedule of the Conference is shown below.

  	   9:00-       11:00-      14:00-        16:00-        19:00-
           10:30       12:30       15:30         17:30         21:00
Sunday				        Registration
August 20

Monday	  Opening      Plenary     Plenary       Plenary
August 21 session      session I   session II    session III

Tuesday	  Plenary      Plenary 	   Parallel      Parallel      Reception
August 22 session IV   session V   session 1-3   session 4-6

Wednesday Plenary      Plenary	   Parallel      Poster	       Poster
August 23 session VI   session VII session 7-9   session       session

Thursday	Excursion to Great Wall and Ming Tombs
August 24

Friday	  Plenary      Plenary	   Parallel      Parallel      Conference
August 25 session VIII session IX  session 10-12 session 13-15 Banquet

Saturday  Plenary      Plenary
August 26 session X    session XI

The conference language is English. All presentations including discussions
and submitted materials must be in English.

Standard 35mm slide projectors and overhead projectors will be available.

Industrial  Exhibition will be arranged in the Conference Venue from Aug. 21
to 26.

Participants are encouraged  to present their recent work at the conference.
One-page camera ready abstracts both of invited talks and contributions should
be submitted.  The instructions for preparing the abstracts are given in a
separated paper under the same cover. The Abstracts should reach  the INPC'95
Secretariat by December 31, 1994.Each abstract should be classified by the
authors into an appropriate category appearing in the scientific program. The
selected category should be indicted in the Abstract Submission Form.In May,
1995, participants will be informed whether ones contribution has been
accepted  and will be presented orally or on a poster. The abstracts of invited
talks and accepted contributions will be included in a Book of Abstracts, and
the Book will be distributed to the participants during the Conference at the
Registration Desk.

Invited talks and oral presentations will be published in the Conference
Proceedings. Writing instructions will be sent to the authors by the publisher.
The deadline for delivering the manuscripts is August 21, 1995, the first day
of the Conference. This deadline should be strictly observed.A copy free of
charge will be mailed to each of the conference participants using the address
shown on the Registration Form.

If you plan to attend the Conference, you are requested to fill in the
Application Form for Registration and send it back to the Conference Secreta-
riat by June 15, 1995.
The Application Form should be mailed to:

	INPC'95  Conference Secretariat
	Prof. Xu Jincheng			Phone: +86-1-9357787
	China Institute of Atomic Energy	Fax: +86-1-9357008
	P.O. Box 275(80)			Telex: 222373 IAE CN
	Beijing 102413, People's Republic of China
		Registration   Deadline :    June   15,    1995

The Registration Fees at the Conference are as follows:

     			Payment received	Payment received
    			by June 15, 1995	after June 16, 1995

Participants		315 USD			350 USD
Accompanying Persons	140 USD			180 USD
Students		160 USD			200 USD

The Registration Fee for the participants includes a Book of Abstracts,
Conference  Proceedings, Reception, Official Excursion to Great Wall and
Ming Tombs, attendence for all scientific sessions and refreshments at the
breaks. The Registration Fee entitles the accompanying persons to Reception
and Official Excursion. The Conference Proceedings are not included in the
Registration Fee for students.

	Date:		August 22, 1995  (Tuesday)
	Time:		19:00 - 21:00
	Date:		August 25, 1995  (Friday)
	Time:		19:00 - 21:00

Those wishing to participate in the Banquet should fill in the Aplication Form.
The payment of the Banquet Fee should be made in USD at the Registration Desk.

The Organizing Committee have reserved a sufficient number of rooms for
participants and accompanying persons at Beijing Continental Grand Hotel
(next to the Conference Venue) and a limited number of rooms at Hong Xiang
Hotel Beijing ( 10 min driving to the Conference Venue ) and Lao Dong
Building ( 15 min driving to the Conference Venue) at special discount rates
during the Conference. Select one of the hotels for your stay and complete the
Application Form for Hotel Accommondations. Reservations will be made on a
first-come, first-served basis. In case that rooms in Hong Xiang Hotel Beijing
and Lao Dong Building become fully reserved, the later reservations will be
made in Beijing Continetal Grand Hotel.

Hotel A
Beijing Continental Grand Hotel (four-star, next to the Conference Venue)
	Standard room	Single w/bath	70 USD
			Twin   w/bath	80 USD for two persons
	Suite		Suite A		250 USD
			Suite B		300 USD
Hotel B
Hong Xiang Hotel Beijing (three-star, 10 min driving to the Conference Venue)
	Single room w/bath		42 USD
	Twin room w/bath		45 USD for two persons
Hotel C
Lao Dong Building (two-star, 15 min driving to the Conference Venue)
	Standard room	single w/bath	25 USD

 		(Service charge and consumption tax are not included)
The Organizing Committee is  pleased to arrange an excursion tour to Great
Wall and Ming Tombs on August 24, free of charge for the registered
participants and  accompanying persons.

This is arranged for the early arrival participants and accompanying persons.
	PET-1 	Beijing---Chengde---Beijing (by Bus)
		Date:		Aug,18-20  (2.5 days/2nights)
		Package Fee:	Single Room (per person)	230 USD
				Double Room (per person)	175 USD

Several tours have been planned for accompanying persons and also for the
participants of interest. If you would like to join any of these tours,
please purchase the tickets one day before during the Conference at the
Registration Desk. The program will provide an opportunity to enjoy Chinese
civilization and traditional culture.

Date	Fee		Morning			Afternoon
Aug.21	25  USD		Summer Palace		Fragrant Hill Park
						Temple of Sleeping Buddha

Aug.22	25  USD		Beihai Park		Lhama Temple
			Coal Hill Park		Big Bell Temple

Aug.23	25  USD		Tian An Men Square	Temple of Heaven
			Forbidden City

Aug.25	25  USD		Tanzhesi Temple		Grand View Garden
			Jietaisi Temple		Wang Fujing Street

Aug.26	30  USD		Marco Polo Bridge	World Park
			Baiyunguan Temple

		   (Note:  Chinese lunch is included)

Evening Program:
  Date		Term			Fee
Aug.23		Peking Opera		15 USD

Aug.24		Acrobatic Show		15 USD


Four post-conference tours are planned.
PT-1		Beijing--Xian--Guangzhou*
		Date:		Aug.27--Sep.1 (5.5days/5nights)
		Package Fee:	Single Room (per person)	700 USD
				Double Room (per person)	560 USD
PT-2		Beijing--Xian--Guilin --Guangzhou*
		Date:		Aug.27--Sep.1 (5.5days/5nights)
		Package Fee:	Single Room (per person)	770 USD
				Double Room (per person)	630 USD
PT-3		Beijing--Xian--Hangzhou--Suzhou--Shanghai*
		Date:		Aug.27--Sep. 2 (6.5days/6nights)
		Package Fee:	Single Room (per person)	860 USD
				Double Room (per person)	650 USD
PT-4		Beijing--Chengdu--Lhasa--Chengdu*
		Date:		Aug.27--Sep.1 (5.5days/5nights)
		Package Fee:	Single Room (per person)	1580 USD
				Double Room (per person)	1360 USD
		( * where you can leave China for home)
Please fill in the Application Form and send it back to the Conference
Secretariat to secure your reservation. The Package Fee includes intercity and
local transportation, hotel accommodation and full meals in each city. Tips are
not included. Service will continue until Breakfast of the last day. The
homeward-bound departure ticket, except Guangzhou to Hong Kong, should be
booked by yourself. Payment of full package fee should be made before June
15. 1995 in USD by bank transfer or bank draft. No personal  checks will be
accepted. The right to cancel any of the above tours is reserved if less than
10 people are interested. So, Please make your next choice of the post-
conference tour. Cancellation of your reservation should be made in writting to
the Secretariat. The amount of the
refund depends on the date when your cancellation notice is received.

Date of receiving cancellation			Refund  Rate

One month before departure			 90%

Seven days before departure			 85%

One day before departure			 80%

Departure day					no refund

Beijing North Star International Tourism Co. (China First-Class Agency) is the
official travel agent for the Conference. For further information. please
  Mr. Fang Lixian
  Manager,  International Department 2
  Beijing North Star International Tourism Co.	Tel:  +86-1-4910680
							or 4910690
  No. 10/3 Anhuili,  Chaoyang District		Fax:  +86-1-4910684
							or 4910691
  Beijing 100101, China				Telex:  210303 NSITC CN
Prepayment of the Registration Fee, Hotel Deposit  and Full Fair for the Pre-
and Post-Conference Tours must be made in USD by Bank Transfer or Bank Draft.
The Bank Draft should be sent together with the Remittance Notice of
Application Form. A copy of the Bank Receipt confirming payment by the Bank
Transfer should be sent with the Remittance Notice of Application Form.

Hotel A Deposit:
  1, BANK DRAFT:  payable to the order of  Beijing Continental Grand Hotel	
  2, BANK TRANSFER:  to the following account:
	Account Name: Beijing North Star Industrial Group (Continental Grand
	Account Number:  148241913
	Bank: Bank of China City Branch Beijing
	Details of Payment: INPC'95
Hotel B and C Deposit, Registartion Fee and Full Fair for  Tours:
  1, BANK DRAFT payable  to the order of  Beijing Yuan Feng Science &
					Technology Development Corporation
  2, BANK TRANSFER: to the following account:
	Account Name: ICBC Beijing Municipal Branch  International Business
			Department (BJ111-(015) Beijing Yuan Feng Science &
  			Technology Development Corporation)
	Account Number: 149461058
	Bank: Bank of China City Branch Beijing
	Details of Payment: INPC'95

Only cash in USD will be accepted at the Registration Desk.

Upon receiving your Application Form and your remittance, the Secretariat will
send you a Receipt with your registration number. Please bring this Receipt
with you when you register at the Registration Desk.

The temperature of  Beijing ranges  between 18-20 oC at night and 27-32 oC in
day time during the Conference. It seldom rains in this season.

 All participants and their accompanying persons must have your own valid
passport. Visas should be applied to a Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate
in their country in advance. Enclosed is the Information Form for Visa
Application. All participants should fill in this Form and send it back to the
Conference Secretariat by May 15, 1995.  The formal invitation letter for visa
application will be sent to you about a month later.

All correspondence and request for further information concerning the
conference should be sent to:
	INPC'95  Conference Secretariat		Phone:  +86-1-9357787	
	Prof. Xu Jincheng			Fax:      +86-1-9357008		
	China Institute of Atomic Energy	Telex:    222373  IAE  CN	
	P.O. Box 275-80				Email:  CIAEDNP@BEPC2.IHEP.AC.CN
	Beijing 102413, P.R. China

Abstracts of Invited Talks and Contributions		December 31, 1994

Visa Application					May 15, 1995

Conference Registration					June 15, 1995

Hotel  Accommodation and Tour Reservation		June 15, 1995

Paper Submissions to the Conference Proceedings		August 21, 1995

ENCLOSURES(Skipped in E-mail)
	1, Application Forms for Registration, Hotel Accommodation and Tours
	2, Abstract Submission Form
	3, Instruction for Abstracts
	4, Remittance Notice
	5, Information Form for Visa Application


	The Third Circular will be sent  in May,1995, providing more detailed
information about the proceedings, scientific program, social program,
travelling and accommodation.


Conference Chairman: Sun Zuxun

International Advisory Committee

A.Arima (Tokyo),	J.Arvieux (Saclay),	S.Austin (East Lansing),
J.Ball (Oak Ridge),	D.R.Bes (Buenos Aires),	P.Blasi (Florence),
W.H.Breunlich (Vienna)	G.E.Brown (Stony Brook),G.J.Csikai (Debrence),
M.El Nadi (Cairo),	A.Faessler (Tubingen),	D.H.Feng (Philadelphia),
H.Feshbach (Cambridge),	A.C.Fonseca (Lisboa),	B.Frois (Gif sur Yvette),
W.Greiner (Frankfurt),	H.A.Grunder (Newport News),
S.Harar (Caen),		E.M.Henley (Seattle),	W.Y.Pauchy Hwang (Taipei),
I.Iori (Milano),	M.Ishihara (Saitama),	S.S.Kapoor (Bombay),	
T.D.Lee (New York),	E.Migneco (Catania),	M.Moshinsky (Mexico),	
E.Moya de Guerra (Madrid),			J.O.Newton (Canberra),
L.Nilsson (Uppsala),	Yu.Ts.Oganessian (Dubna),
I.Otterlund (Lund),	R.A.Ricci (Legnaro),	A.Richter (Darmstadt),
O.Sala (Sao Paulo),	N.P.Samios (Brookhaven),J.Schiffer (Argonne),
F.Sellschop (Johannesburg),			R.Seltz (Strasbourg),		
I.Sick (Basel),		R.H.Siemssen (Groningen),		
H.J.Specht (Darmstadt),	J.Symons (Berkeley),	I.Talmi (Rehovot),
P.J.Twin (Liverpool),	M.Vergnes (Orsay),	J.Vervier (Louvain-La-Neuve),
E.W. Vogt (Vancouver),	Wang Ganchang (Beijing),H.A.Weidenmuller (Heidelberg),
J.Wilczynski (Swierk Otwock),			D.H.Wilkinson (Sussex), Witt Huberts (Amsterdam),		T.Yamazaki (Tokyo),	
C.N.Yang (New York),	Zhao Zhongyao (Beijiing),	
Zhou Guangzhao (Beijing),			Zhu Guangya (Beijing).

Local Organizing Committee

Chen Jiaer	Chen Zemin	Cheng Xiaowu	Ding Dazhao
Du Xiangwan	He Guozhu	Hu Jimin	Hu Jinxiu
Hu Renyu	Huang Shengnian	Huang Zuqia	Li Shounan
Long Xianguan	Sun Zuxun	Wei Baowen	Wang Chuanying
Wu Shishu	Xia Yuanfu	Xu Gongou	Xu Jincheng*
Yang Chunxiang	Yang Fujia	Yang Liming	Yang Zesen
Yu Min		Zhao Enguang	Zheng Linsheng	Zheng Zhipeng
Zhuo Yizhong
(* General Secretary,  INPC'95)

Internatonal Program Committee

R.Bock (Darmstadt),	R.F.Casten (Upton),	C.Detraz (Caen),
H.Ejiri (Osaka),	C.Glashausser ( New Brunswick),	
W.Haxton (Seattle),	Hu Jimin (Beijing),	M.P.Locher (Villigen),		
L.G.Moretto (Berkeley),	S.Nagamiya (New York),	P.Paul (Stony Brook),		
F.Plasil (Oak Ridge),	H.Satz (Bielefied),	I.Sick (Basel),			
C.Signorini (Legnaro),	P.Twin (Liverpool),	D.Walecka (Williamsburg),
Wu Shishu (Changchun),	Yang Liming( Beijing),	K.Yazaki  (Tokyo).

Local Program Committee

Chen Yongshou	Jiang Dongxing	Liu Lianshou	Liu Yiming
Liu Yunzuo	Lu Tan		Luo Yixiao	Ma Zhongyu
Qiu Xijun	Sa Benhao	Shen Wenqing	Sun Hancheng
Tang Jiayong	Wang Fan	Weng Peikun	Zeng Jinyan
Zhang Huanqiao	Zhang Zongyi	Zhu Yongtai.