The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

 NPSS Technical Committee on Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma


  Ninth Conference on Real-Time Computer Applications in

   Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics, May 22-25, 1995

                 Michigan State University, USA

             Associated short courses on May 21, 1995

                         Conference Program

   The biennial Real-Time conference presents contributed papers about

all aspects of Real-Time applications of computing to experimental physics.

Vendors of both hardware and software in this field will exhibit their prod-

ucts. Papers which discuss any aspect of hardware and software in real-time

systems will be considered for presentation either orally or as a poster. Areas

of special interest include:

               Data Acquisition Systems and Architectures

               Experiment and Laboratory Control Systems

     Expert Systems and Neural Networks for Real-Time Applications

      CAMAC, FASTBUS, VME and VXI Components and systems

                  Software Technologies and Standards

 Modelling, Simulation and Formal methods applied to Real-Time Systems

            Parallel processing systems in Physics Applications

           High speed communications and Switching Networks

                      First Call For Papers

                Abstract Deadline January 31, 1995

                     (See next page for instructions)

 Organized by the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan
                             State University

                       Instructions for Authors

   Abstracts (50 words) and summaries (500 words) of new and innovative

work are solicited. They may be submitted by email in either LaTEX, Word,

Postscript or plain text (ASCII) format. If you prefer, mail 3 copies to the

conference address. Detailed instructions and sample style files are available

via anonymous ftp to rudolf.nscl.msu.edu in the directory pub/rt95, or upon

request from the conference address.

   Be sure to include the name and affiliation of each author as well as the

full address, telephone number and email address of the author to whom

correspondence concerning the paper is to be directed.

   Papers will be accepted for oral presentation, poster presentation (with

one of the authors expected to be in attendance), or title only.  It is not

necessary to be an IEEE member to present a paper.

Conference Mailing Address:

RT95 conference


Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824-1321


Phone: 517-353-1628

Fax: 517-353-5967

E-mail: rt95@rudolf.nscl.msu.edu

Local Organizing Committee:

Conference Chairperson: Ron Fox

David Morrissey

Wolfgang Bauer

Andrew Vander Molen

Jean McIntyre

Shari Conroy

Barbara Pollack

Advisors: Renee Poutissou and Ken Dawson

To request interpreters or other handicapper accommodations, Ron Fox 517-353-16*
 *28 by March 1, 1995