ISS97 International School-Seminar
"Structure of Particles and Nuclei and their Interactions"
Tashkent, 6-13 October, 1997

The organizers are: Tashkent State University,
Institute of Nuclear Physics (Tashkent),
Institute of Fundamental Studies (Tashkent),
Physical-Technical Institute (Tashkent),
Institute of Applied Physics (Tashkent)
and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna).

The School-Seminar will include the following topics:
The QCD vacuum and the structure of hadrons.
The physics of heavy quarks.
Physics at Supercolliders.
Quark-parton structure of nuclei.
Quark-gluon plasma.
Nuclear astrophysics and few nucleon systems.

Colleagues interested to participate should contact Dr. B. Faizullaev,
the Secretary of Organizing Committee before June 20, 1997 by
writing to:
E-mail:  with Cc:
Regular mail:
Musakhanov M.M.,
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Tashkent State University,
Tashkent 700095, Uzbekistan.
Phone: +7 3712 461573, Fax: +7 3712 463262.
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