13th International Symposium on
High-Energy Spin Physics


[Rotating Earth]

Protvino, RUSSIA

September 8-12, 1998

Bulletin 1

General Information

The 13th International Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics will be held at IHEP, Protvino, Russia from September 8 to 12, 1998. The Symposium is organized by

[Red Ball] International Committee for High Energy Spin Physics;
[Red Ball] Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino [Red Ball] Ministry of Russian Federation for Atomic Energy; [Red Ball] Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation.

The Symposium will cover all aspects of spin physics in particle interactions. Scientific Program of the Conference will include, in particular:

[Red Ball] Spin Physics in and beyond the Standard Model - Theory and Experiment;
[Red Ball] Spin structure of Nucleon; [Red Ball] Polarized Beams, Targets and Sources; [Red Ball] Polarimetry; [Red Ball] Future Projects and Perspectives.

Both the invited talks and summaries of the Conferences sponsored by the International Committee for High Energy Spin Physics are planned. Following the tradition of the Symposium the morning sessions will consist of the plenary reports of the invited speakers while the afternoons will be devoted to several parallel sessions of the contributed talks. The program of the parallel sessions will be compiled on the basis of Abstracts of the contributed papers. The deadline for submission of Abstracts is May 1, 1998. The Symposium will consist of four full day sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). During Thursday various excursions and the Conference Dinner are planned.

If you are interested in participating, complete the registration form. All participants are kindly asked to return the registration form before February 1, 1998.

[book] Proceedings

Contributed papers are welcomed. Talks submitted to the Symposium will be published in the Proceedings by World Scientific Publishing Company. The Proceedings will be mailed to all participants free of charge. Instructions for preparing the papers for the proceedings will be distributed with the second bulletin and posted at our Web-page.

[image] Symposium Location

Protvino is a small town located 100 km south from Moscow. It is a calm place surrounded by the pine forest. There are shopping areas, banks and restaurants in the town.

The Symposium will be held at the Theory division building of the Institute for High Energy Physics which is in a short walking distance from the hotel.

[car] Transportation and [home] accomodation

Participants and accompanying persons will be transported from/to the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo or Serpukhov railway station free of charge. Information on the arrival date and flight number is necessary prior the Symposium.

During the Symposium the participants will be accommodated at the local "Protva" hotel. Single and double rooms with bath or shower are available.

No local transport is needed.

[scout] Visa

A participant should present to the Organizing Committee all necessary information for visa requests for you and accompanying persons by filling the registration form. Invitations will be sent upon registration form is received.

[weather] Weather

The weather at Protvino at the beginning of September is mostly fine. The temperature is usually about 15 degrees Celsius. A light coat or a sweater may be needed as well as a raincoat and an umbrella.

[lunch] Lunch

Lunch will be available at restaurants of the Scientific Club and the hotel "Protva".

[fun] Social Program

The social program of the Symposium will include Welcome Party, Conference Dinner and excursions.

The excursions to the IHEP facilities will be organized.

Excursion tours of Moscovia will be available for participants and accompanying persons:

[Red Ball] Full day excursion to Tula - Yasnaya Polyana. Yasnaya Polyana is the great Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy's estate, Tula is one of the historical places around Moscow with its own Kremlin and museums;
[Red Ball] Full day excursion to Moscow. Sightseeing of the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, and other historical places will be arranged.

[fee] Registration fee

The registration fee is US $300. The registration fee will cover the social program, the Proceedings, the Conference Dinner and transportation. The payment should be made at registration by cash (US dollars or Russian roubles can be accepted).

[Deadlines] Deadlines

February 1, 1998 - deadline for registration form;
May 1, 1998 - deadline for abstracts.


All correspondence concerning the Conference should be sent to:

Institute for High Energy Physics
Protvino, Moscow region, 142284 RUSSIA
Telephone: +7-(095)-924-6752
Telex: 412657 IPHE SU
Fax: +7-(095)-230-2337
Internet e-mail: spin98@mx.ihep.su

SPIN98 Org.Com.