Program of plenary sessions

September 8, Tuesday

9:00 C.Prescott (SLAC), N.Tyurin (IHEP), Opening
9:30 L.Pondrom (Wisconsin), Current Status of Spin Studies
10:10 E.Gabathuler (Liverpool), Experimental Review of Nucleon Spin
10:50 D.Crabb (Virginia), Solid Polarized Targets for Particle Physics Experiments
11:40 Coffee break
12:10 H.Ejiri (Osaka), Nuclear Medium Effects by Spin Responses and Spin Polarizations
12:50 G.Fidecaro (CERN), Early History of Spin Experiments

September 9, Wednesday

9:00 I.Savin (Dubna), Results on Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering from SMC
9:40 E.Hughes (SLAC), Recent Results on Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering from SLAC
10:20 A.Bruell (DESY), Recent Result on Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering from HERMES
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 V.Petrov (Protvino), Nucleon Spin Problem 10 Years since EMC Published
12:10 E.Burtin (DAPNIA/SPhN), Measurement of the strange form factors of the proton using parity violation in electron scattering
12:50 A.Penzo (Trieste), Future Spin Experiments

September 10, Thursday

8:30 Roeck (DESY), Future Spin Physics with Polarized Beams at the HERA Collider
9:10 Program of Spin Studies at RHIC (*)
(*) Speaker to be determined

September 11, Friday

9:00 A.Bravar (Mainz), Experimental Overview of Spin Effects in Hadronic Interactions
9:40 T.Roser (BNL), Acceleration of Polarized Proton Beams
10:20 T.P.Cheng (Missouri), Nonperturbative QCD Spin Studies
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 P.Ratcliffe (Milan), Theory of Spin Effects in Hadronic Reactions
12:10 A.Masaike (KEK), Spin as a Probe of Symmetry Measurements in Intermidiate and Low Energy Region
12:50 A.Efremov (Dubna), Highlights of Dubna-SPIN97 Workshop

September 12, Saturday

9:00 D.Barber (DESY), Acceleration and Storage of Polarized Electron Beams
9:40 A.Belov (Moscow), Polarized Ion Sources for High-Energy Accelerators
10:20 R.Holt (Illinois), Report from the 7th Polarized Gas Targets and Sources Workshop
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Yu.Mamaev (St. Petersburg), Report from LE98 Workshop
12:10 A.Krisch (Michigan), Summary Talk