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Working Group on Polarized Parton Distribution Functions

T.-A. Shibata (TIT/RIKEN) (chair)
S. Kumano (Saga)
N. Saito (RIKEN)

The working group on the polarized parton distribution functions (pol-pdf's) has been formulated to study the current constraints on the pol-pdf. The spin structure of the nucleon has been studied in polarized lepton scattering off the polarized nucleon target (pol-DIS). As revealed in the "proton spin crisis", our understanding of the spin structure is not sufficient yet. Especially the gluon polarization, sea-quark polarization and flavor decomposition are not tightly constrained by the pol-DIS experiments.

On the other hand, the experiments on the spin structure are entering to new stages:

  • further precision measurement in inclusive pol-DIS
  • semi-inclusive pol-DIS
  • polarized proton-proton collision

  • The goals of those experiments are
  • flavor decomposition
  • gluon polarization measurement
  • sea-quark polarization measurement

  • The results from those experiment will contribute much on the understanding of the spin structure of the nucleon. This working group has been formulated to
  • summarize the current both experimental and theoretical knowledges on the spin structure
  • develop one of the best pol-pdf sets
  • update the pol-pdf sets including new experimental data. We are going to hold monthly meeting as well as the virtual conference on this home page.



    Your participation and comments are always welcome!


  • parametrization group (chair:T. Morii)
  • Q2-evolusion group (chair: S. Kumano)
  • data analysis group (chair: T.-A. Shibata)
  • Internal Documents

  • talks and notes
  • working drafts
  • References

  • relevant papers (link to HEP database)

  • Naohito Saito

    August 6, 1996