List of Editors

  Name Affiliation (also in charge of the corresponding lab)  
Chairperson H. Ueno Nuclear Spectroscopy Laboratory  
Editor T. Doi Quantum Hadron Physics Laboratory (RIKEN-BNL Research Center/Theory) 2-5. Hadron Physics (Theory)
  T. Tada Quantum Hadron Physics Laboratory 2-6. Particle Physics
  E. Hiyama Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory 2-2. Nuclear Physics (Theory)
  R. Seidl Radiation Laboratory (RIKEN-BNL Research Center/Experimental) 2-4. Hadron & High-energy Heavy-ion Physics
  K. Ishida Advanced Meson Science Laboratory (RIKEN Facility Office at RAL) 3-2. Atomic and Solid State Physics (Muon)
  T. Isobe Radioactive Isotope Physics Laboratory 2-1. Nuclear Physics
  A. Kohama Radioactive Isotope Physics Laboratory 2-2. Nuclear Physics (Theory), 2-3. Nuclear Data
  J. Zenihiro Spin isospin Laboratory 2-1. Nuclear Physics
  Y. Ichikawa Nuclear Spectroscopy Laboratory 2-1. Nuclear Physics
  K. Takahashi Astro-Glaciology Research Unit 2-7. Astrophysics and Astro-Glaciology
  K. Morimoto Research Group for Superheavy Element 2-9. Instrumentation
  T. Tamagawa High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory 2-7. Astrophysics and Astro-Glaciology
  T. Matsuzaki Nuclear Transmutation Data Research Group 2-3. Nuclear Data
  T. Sumikama Nuclear Transmutation Date Research Group 2-9. Instrumentation
  K. Ozeki High-Intensity Accelerator R&D Group 2-8. Accelerator
  H. Imao Accelerator Group 2-8. Accelerator, 4 Operation Records
  M. Wawanabe Instrumentation Development Group 2-9. Instrumentation, 3-1. Atomic and Solid State Physics (Ion)
  H. Sato Research Instruments Group 2-9. Instrumentation
  T. Ikeda Research Instruments Group 3-1. Atomic and Solid State Physics (Ion)
  T. Abe Accelerator Applications Research Group 3-4. Radiation Chemistry and Biology
  H. Haba Accelerator Applications Research Group 3-3. Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry
  A. Yoshida User Liaison and Industrial Cooperation Group 4. Operation Records
  K. Tanaka Safety Management Group 4. Operation Records
  T. Gunji CNS  
  M. Wada KEK  
  S. Goto Niigata Univ.  



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